IP Rights


Copyright on the art is held by its author or her/his representative (parent in most cases), if the author is a minor.

By sharing art on our website you sign a contract with us and thus you transfer unconditionally and without limitation the exclusive rights (license) for the use of that art.

How we could use the art

We could use the image of the art on our own discretion, including to:

  • offer and sell images of the art
  • reproduce the art by manufacturing various goods and sell them
  • extract, reproduce or edit ideas, forms, etc., which are part of the art, in order to create a derivative product and sell it
  • use for free the image of the art in the process of advertising and promotion of our business
Copyright holder royalties

According to our Terms & Conditions the copyright holder is entitled to receive royalties based on the proceeds generated through the commercial realization of the art. The royalties are defined and paid as follows:

  • Share: 0.5% of the Net Revenue in BGN, generated from any product based on your art
  • Payment schedule: once per year, on the condition that the amount accrued during the period is equal to or exceeding EUR 50.
  • We will notify you before undertaking any commercial realization of uploaded art. Starting from the date of the notification sent by email, we will apply an Open Books policy with respect to you and you will have the right to receive, once per quarter, a report on the sales of products related to your art.

You understand and agree that you use the website for commercial realization of art entirely at your own risk. We do not provide any guarantee or make commitments that your art will be chosen for a commercial realization, or that the latter will generate particular revenue.

Term of license

The license is granted to us without any geographical limitation and for the maximum term allowed by law. Currently, this term is 10 years. More on how we could use the art or how royalties are paid you can find in our Terms & Conditions, Section V.B.