How to Upload Art

Share art steps

Once you have registered on our platform, before you upload art, please fill in your kids' details in your profile. Then you could share your kids' art through the Art Upload form. Your kid's data would be populated automatically. In case you have more than one kid, just select the kid, whose art you are about to upload. You can upload one image at a time by selecting the image file on your computer or mobile device. It must be a .jpg or .jpeg. Then you need to associate a title to it, kid's age when the drawing was created, and any other detail about that drawing, which you would like to share with us. Don't be shy, we love real stories about how drawings were made. Bear in mind that this kind of information could also be helpful in the assessment of your kid's drawing in view of commercial realization potential. 

Art Upload form submission does not allow the image to be automatically added to the public gallery. You would be able to see it there only after verification from an administrator, which is usually done within 1 day. We just need to ensure that the image is of good quality and complies with our Terms & Conditions.  You might also find it helpful to read the IP Rights page, which stands for your intellectual property rights.

The Art image will be publicly distributed with its name in English, the first name of its author, the age of the author at the time the art was created, and the country of the author. All other data you provide is collected and processed for the purposes of copyright and fraud prevention alone. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

In case you have any questions, you could always drop us a note at the Contact Us form or check our FAQ page. We will be happy to help you.

If you don't have the image file yet

You are about to take a picture of your kid's art now. Here are some helpful tips how to do it.

  • check if there is enough light in the area of the drawing
  • keep your camera or mobile phone parallel to the drawing
  • take the picture
  • ensure that the image is not blurred, i.e. is in focus
  • save the image and you are ready to upload it to OUR KiDS iMAGiNE™.