About Us – An Idea Is Born

Interested to learn more about us, read our story below

One winter day, my son Marco, then aged 5 1/2, decided that he would finally take control over the things around him and tackle the inconvenience he would have to face on a daily basis that season. Marco was going to school and his grandfather had come to pick him up with his sleigh as usual. Marco was pretty happy about the ride, but as there was not enough snow, Marco had to get down from the sleigh when reaching a patch of snowless ground and get back on the sleigh when the snow became thick enough to provide for the smooth motion of the vehicle, and then get off again at the next bare spot....

He came back home that day and drew the following on a piece of paper:
Two days later, together with his father, he made this upgrade of his sleigh:
Sleigh kid's invention beta
Recently, we have made sleigh v.3.0, and we have no doubt it would appeal to many other kids like Marco.
sleigh kids invention
Sleigh kid's invention
Iliana, Irina, Neda

This is the story that had inspired us to create OUR KiDS iMAGiNE™. We believe kids possess incredible potential to create new things. And what we could do as adults, would be at least to listen to any idea they might have and help them to make it real.

So, together with two other girls, all of us mothers of six wonderful grown-up and not-that-grown-up kids, we would like to welcome you and your kids' imagination at www.ourkidsimagine.com.

Iliana, Irina and Neda

Sofia, Bulgaria

November 2018