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Have you ever wondered what to do with the next spontaneous drawing of your kid?
Should I keep it?... Is it important to my kid?... Where shall I find a place for it?... What is actually drawn there?...

When kids share their art, they
  • are looking for our special attention
  • are expecting recognition of their art
  • would be happy if we guess their idea and help them to materealize it, or if we just sit down together and dream a bit
Yes, kids are creative and they would share their thoughts and ideas through their art.

At OUR KiDS iMAGiNE™ we are happy we can provide you with an opportunity to:
  • keep in one place and in an organized manner the drawings of your kids
  • purchase our products based on kids' art
  • share their art with people that have keen interest in it
  • get inspired by other kids' art
  • give your kid's drawing a chance to become a real product
  • or just enjoy kids' boundless imagination

You could do all this by joining us on our platform here and by starting to share art of your kids between 3 and 14 years of age.